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Students must meet the eligibility criteria in order to apply for the UWC colleges.

Please be aware of the three stages of selection process. 

Stage 1 

Submit the application and one recommendation letter. Fill out the application and submit it before the deadline (1st March 2021). The application can be found under the Application & Scholarship page under the How to Apply tab. 

Application Deadline 28th February 2022

Stage 2 

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted to for an interview. You will be asked to be present in an interview with the UWC national committee members. Be prepared to provide supporting documents for your application (e.g. copy of your O/L results sheet, report cards, certificate of achievements, etc)

Stage 3 

Final selection process. Evaluating the shortlisted candidates based on the interview and supporting documents you present. 

Please note:

Successful candidates are nominated to specific UWC schools and colleges. The schools and colleges generally accept the nominated candidates on the recommendation of the national committee but reserve the right to make the final decision on every candidate. 

An application is made to UWC and not to a particular school or college (although you may be asked to state your preference.

Guidelines for submitting the written application

Students can download the application form, from the Application and Scholarship tab. The completed application form along with one recommendation letter needs to be submitted to UWC Sri Lanka for full consideration. 

There are two modes of submission

1. Submit by post:  Print and mail completed forms to, UWC Sri Lanka, C/O College of World Education, No:14, Fair Filed Garden, Colombo 08. Reference letter may also be mailed to the same address by the referees themselves (please be sure to include applicant name clearly, so we can match the letters to relevant applications).

2. Electronically, by email: Scan and email the completed forms to Reference letter may also be emailed to this email address by the referees themselves (please be sure to include applicant name clearly, so we can match the letters to relevant applications).

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact us at 077 320 9466 Or